TireHawk Bright+ Main Menus:












Status Display:
Whenever a tyre parameter is outside the set limits, the display changes as shown below:







Each tyre has its own display, showing simultaneusly the current tyre pressure, the current temperature and the status of the sensor battery. Tyre positions are indicated with the numbers 1 – 4 which correspond with the numbers printed on the sensors.

Settings Menu:

The following prameters can be set:
Theme: Sedan, Pink, Racing Car
Tire Temperature Unit: °C, °F
Tire Pressure Unit: psi, kPa, bar, kg/cm²





Alarm Log List: 30 – 100 entries
Alarm Sound: Choose ON or OFF
Sound Selection: opens a list of sounds to choose from
Alarm Vibration: Choose ON or OFF

Tire Pressure High Limit: 2,53 – 5,52 bar (36 – 80 psi)
Tire Pressure Low Limit: 1,03 – 2,43 bar (15 – 35 psi)
Tire Temperature Limit: 55 – 80 °C (131 – 176 °F)
System Default: Reset all parameters to default




Smart Log:

Shows a list of all recorded issues, i.e. events when any parameter was outside the set limits.

Events in white background color are active events, i.e. the issue is still present.

Events in gray background are events that have been resolved.



This page shows information about the app-vendor and provides links to FAQ and Notices about the TireHawk tyre pressure monitoring system.