TB-X02C Product Installation

TireHawk_Bright_+ CTA Motorcycle

Before you install TireHawk product, please watch the installation video first and follow the steps.


1. Wireless Gateway Setup

Connect the USB cable to the mini USB interface of the Wireless Gateway by the mini USB end and connect to the Type A USB interface of your motorcycle. Then you can start the motorcycle. The Wireless Gateway is considerately designed with one additional USB interface for standard 5V out put power, which you can use to charge your 3C products.


2. Sensor Installation

Remove sensor cap in counterclockwise direction; insert enclosed CR1632 lithium Batteries into each sensor and make sure battery Polarity is correctly placed. Fit sensor cap back on in a clockwise direction.

TB-X02C sensor installationA.    Sensors are marked with numbers for its matching caps, please make sure to match correctly when installing batteries.
B.     Follow “Sensor Map” beneath to install sensor onto the tire’s valve stems:
sensor No.1 : place on front tire
sensor No.2 : place on rear tire


3. Anti-theft Kit Installation (optional)

If user chooses to install the anti-theft kit, please follow the steps below first and t hen go to 2-3 to complete sensor installation.

Anti-theft kit is provided in the package for users’ choice to install. The installation steps are:
TB-X02C anti-theft installationA.     Place Anti-removal ring onto tire’s valve stem.
B.     Install sensor onto valve stem gently in clockwise direction. Note that the excessive exertion might damage the sensor.
C.      Adjust the Anti-removal ring to connect with sensor In place firmly.
D.      Use the hex screw driver from the kit and fasten Anti-removal ring along with the sensor.

After you complete the sensor installation, continue to follow the following steps to finish installation:

A.     When Wireless Gateway performs Its functions normally, the LED indicators on its front case turn on and show from left to right: Left blue indicator glistens to show the connection status, middle indicator remains green to show the tire status and right green indicator remains on to show the power status.
B.  Please go to WiFi setting in your smartphone and choose TireHawk for your Wi-Fi connection, then the smartphone will connect and receive signals from Wireless Gateway.
C.     Click and run the TireHawk Bright+ Appdownloaded on your smartphone, the 【Status】 page changes from 【Demo】 to 【Tire Status】 now.

The tire pressure, tire temperature and the sensor battery status is are available and easy to read on 【Status】 page, you can also check out other pages on TireHawk Bright+ APP to change your preferred theme and functions settings, and understand notices as frequent asked questions.


4. Network Setting (optional)

Situation 1
TireHawk MC App of the smart phone directly connects to Wireless Gateway. That way the smart phone cannot access Internet. This works for both Android and iOS systems. If you don’t have strong demand on Internet access when driving, we strongly recommend that you choose Situation 1, which provides more simple and reliable connection between your TireHawk MC App and the Wireless Gateway.
TB-X02C Situation 1

Situation 2
The smartphone with 3G becomes the router with WiFi Hotspot activated. The TireHawk MC App is installed in another tablet. Both tablet and Wireless Gateway are connected to the 3G router via WiFi. So the tablet can get the tire pressure data update and access Internet at the same time. This works for both Android and iOS systems.

TB-X02C Situation 2

Situation 3
The smartphone with 3G and TireHawk MC App can get the update from Wireless Gateway and Internet access at the same time. This works for both Android and iOS systems.

TB-X02C Situation 3

For the users without the demand of Internet access when driving the motorcycle, Situation 1 is most suggested. Here are the setup steps:

(1) For Situation 2, make sure that your TireHawk MCApp connects to the Wireless Gateway well first, and open the WiFi Hotspot of the 3G smartphone; For Situation 3, you cannot open WiFi Hotspot now, because the TireHawk MC App needs to connect to the Wireless Gateway through WiFi.

(2) Utilize TireHawk MC App to configure the WiFi Setting of the Wireless Gateway:

※ Go to the Network Setting of the TireHawk MC App Setting Page first.
※ Fill in the SSID name. Note that the wireless gateway cannot recognize “space” character of the SSID. If any, please rename your SSID first.
※ Select the encryption method. You need to check the setting of your smart phone, usually WPA2 (AES).
※ Enter the password. The password is the one you set up for your WiFi Hotspot.

(3) Activate the setting. For Situation 2, it will work when App restarts. For Situation 3, you need to turn on WiFi Hotspot now and then start the App, then it will work.


1. If there is typo of the setting which is activated to the Wireless Gateway, you will lose the connection to the Wireless Gateway. The only way to solve this issue is to reset the Wireless Gateway by pressing the button 5 times continuously, and you will find the middle LED indicator is fast flashing green light for 5 seconds, then the Wireless Gateway goes back to the default network setting. Go to the WiFi setup page of your smart phone and you will see TireHawk MC. Connect TireHawk MC and then you can repeat the steps to set up the network.

2. You must connect to the Wireless Gateway first (Situation 1), no matter Situation 2 or Situation 3 you want to set up.

3. For Situation 2, after you activate the network setting and App restarts, the TireHawk logo will become bright normally. If not, you can try to exit the App and open then the App. If it does not work, check the Blue LED indicator of the Wireless Gateway. If it flashes fast, it means the Wireless Gateway does not set up the connection successfully. Please try the following action:

(1) Restart the Wireless Gateway. You can power off and on it. You may try several times if not working for the first time.
(2) Use another smartphone for the WiFi Hotspot setup and set up the connection. If it works, you need to check if your smartphone needs to update the system.

4. For Situation 3, remember to turn on the WiFi HotSpot after you activate the network setting.