Please note: Prior to installation please check your smartphone model and make sure that TireHawk Bright+ has been downloaded and installed successfully!

1. Wireless Repeater Setup:

Remove the wireless repeater from the package and place it near the dashboard for convenience of monitoring. Connect the USB cable to the wireless repeater using the mini USB connector and insert the other end into the USB socket on the cigarette lighter adapter. Plug the cigarette lighter adapter in the cigarette lighter for power supply.


2. Sensor Installation:

Remove the sensor cap (turn counter-clockwise) and insert one CR1632 battery into each sensor; make sure that battery polarity is correct when inserting the battery. Install sensor cap onto the sensor.

Please note: Sensor caps are marked with numbers. Make sure that caps and sensors match when inserting the batteries.

Install the sensors onto the tyre valves according to the following scheme:

  • Sensor 1: Front Left
  • Sensor 2: Front Right
  • Sensor 3: Rear Left
  • Sensor 4: Rear Right


3. Anti-Theft Kit (optional):

To prevent theft or vandalism of the sensors, the user can install the provided anti-theft kit by following those steps before installing the sensors onto the tyre valves:

  1. Place the anti-theft ring onto the valve stem
  2. Install sensor onto valve stem gently in clockwise direction
  3. Adjust the anti-theft ring to align with the sensor bottom
  4. Using the hex screw driver from the kit fasten the anti-theft ring along with the sensor.


4. Connecting the Kit to your Smartphone:

Starting the car will now activate the wireless repeater.

Follow these steps to finish the system installation:

  1. When the repeater performs normally, the LED indicators will turn on and show the repeater status (from left to right): green (on), green (on), blue (blinking)
  2. Please select the settings page on your smartphone, switch on WLAN and select TireHawk for the access point. The smartphone will connect to the repeater and will receive the tyre data signals.
  3. Start the TireHawk app downloaded on your smartphone. The status will now change from “Demo” to “Real-time Status”.

The TireHawk status page will show the following information for each tyre in real time:
Tyre pressure, tyre temperature, sensor battery status.

You can use the main menu on the TireHawk app to adjust all settings according to your preferences (theme, limits, warning sounds, length of issue log, etc.)